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Whether you need SEO services or Web Development, Boasting BiZ offers everything you will ever need to have a successful presence online. Our tested internet marketing campaigns will turn visitors into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into references. 

How the the process works:

At Boasting BiZ, keyword analysis comes first. In order for us to be found locally in our location, we targeted: SEO Fort Lauderdale. This phrase gets the most searches and has the exact traffic we are looking for. 

Our SEO services will increase your websites visibility and build your brand. Content is the most important factor in the conversion game. Boasting BiZ uses A/B testing to ensure top quality conversions. A/B testing is when we take two different versions of your sites layout (design) and we calculate which layout has the most conversion.

Local SEO for Fort Lauderdale requires building links within Fort Lauderdale. Search Engines such as Google determine backlinks by IPs (IPs show Google link locations) of every link built. Google likes to rank local sites that are being mentioned (receiving backlinks) locally.

Our online services deliver relevant LOCAL traffic directly to your website from the targeted audience you desire, this is done by backlinking your surrounding areas. We make it easier for your demographic to find you!

If you type SEO Fort Lauderdale, we are on the first page of Google. That is probably how you found us. Now how would you like to be found?

Boasting BiZ is based in Fort Lauderdale at 3038 North Federal Highway F-2 Fort lauderdale, FL 33306. Our clients are benefiting from our services and you can too! For more info, or if you just want to learn more call us at 954-745-9791 or fill out our simple SEO quote form. The first step to a successful online marketing campaign!


Why did Boasting BiZ choose SEO Fort Lauderdale?

Low Competition + High Traffic = Efficient Success!

As mentioned earlier in this article the first step we take is keyword research. In most cases when a company is getting an estimate for optimizing a site, they are not aware of keyword value. What is the ROI (Return On Investment) of this keyword? In many cases, it might not even be worth doing SEO.

If no one is searching for something, there is automatically no competition for it, many companies will make a deal with you to rank you for something that is not in searches, and at the end of the day will not give you traffic. Being number one on Google does not necessarily mean you will be successful. These are the factors we use to consider success: Correct demographic, high volume of traffic, good conversion rate, and quality.

Drive LOCAL search traffic via Google Maps, Places & Yelp

Getting listed on Google maps may be the best solution for some companies. If you’re a pizza place and you offer delivery service, Google Maps, Google Places, and Yelp are a must! Anyone who searches for pizza within a specific area will see your company. Rather then targeting the term “Pizza in Fort Lauderdale” we target the term “Pizza” within Fort Lauderdale.